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The Matriarch

The term "matriarch" refers to a woman who is the head of a family, tribe, or other social group, wisdom, and authority. She is typically the mother or grandmother of the family and is respected and revered for her guidance, leadership, and nurturing qualities.

Matriarchs holds a position of power, influence, and respect in her community or society, often due to her accomplishments, leadership, and positive impact. "matriarch" often carries a more nurturing and collaborative connotation.

These lashes were created to inspire to become the Matriarchs for our communities and families. These lashes were inspired by Sage Mo (aka The Matriarch). Hailing from Saddle Lake Cree Nation, wrestling has given her a unique way to deal with tragedy. A proud Indigenous mother/role model, she hopes her story & character will inspire others. Discover more about her story in #DeathTourDoc.

The Matriarch